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Freedom, Family & Firearms

WARNING - DO NOT be drawn into a fight by antagonistic Anti-Gunner stupid comments or irrational actions.  They are trying to draw you into "doing something" that they can then point to and say - "see, I told you we were right".  This is a common tactic used by desperate people (politicians and their pawns) who's backs are against the wall.  They will ridicule you, call you names and make outrageous statements.  Don't take the bait - stay above the fray!  You have FACTS, HISTORY, INTEGRITY and the CONSTITUTION on your side and we will prevail.

The Key Issues. . .


The Way this Law was Passed

Misusing the "Message of Necessity" and State legislators passing  the 39-page law with only 22 minutes of review and skipping the required three-day review process — an issue Genesee County Supervisors unanimously found “deeply disturbing".

It Violates Your Civil Rights

Specifically the 2nd, 4th and 14th Amendments of the Constitution of the United States of America and the New York State Constitution. Albany IS NOT serving the people - they are serving themselves and their own political agendas.  This is not proper representation.


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Tell King Cuomo to

Repeal the NY SAFE Act!



 With the passing of the NY SAFE Act on January 15, 2013, all citizens in the State of New York were stripped of their Constitutional Rights.


Review the NY SAFE Act details here.







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